About Me - Steveo

Growing up, I was always tinkering with things and building. My primary source was wood.  My Mum was into yachting and flying so from early childhood I spent time around boatyards, docks and aircraft hangers.  I soon had an appreciation of hydrodynamics and aeronautical lines, curves and flow.Shapes by Steveo

Even though I did not surf when I was young, I had an appreciation of it. So when I moved to Noosa @ 26 years of age, I learnt to surf and this is now a great passion of mine.  After learning to surf I wanted to make my own boards and started to experiment with the lines curves and flow that I had studied at an early age.

So off I went to the local board factory and studied the subtle craft of surfboard manufacturing, under quite a few well respected shapers.  Albeit in Foam and Fiberglass Steve Friedman of Friedman flyers does some beautiful balsa work, and Tom Wegner I introduced to Pauownia Wood.  Legend Bill Wallace showed me a few tips as well.

Now I am doing hollow wooden surfboards, fishes, guns, malibus, stand up paddle boards as well.  I still make foam and fiberglass surfboards of all shapes and sizes but it is the wood boards that I really enjoy the most.

I do like to use recycled wood wherever possible or sustainable plantation grown timber. (We all have to look after the environment however we can)