Custom Wooden Longboard Shapes by SteveoWooden Surf Board Shapes by SteveoWooden Surfboards Shapes by Steveo

I am totally into building, riding and promoting top of the line unreal looking hollow surfboards. So as to minimize the impact on environment (less petro chemicals). I only use recycled timber or sustainable harvest plantation timber. Left over pieces get made into nose & tail blocks, fins or tick finish inserts to jazz up the look even more.

Shapes by Steveo surfboards are hollow just like an aeroplane wing.  All boards are heavier than foam and glass. Saying that - the boards are still very light and very fast down the line they are unreal to surf!

Shapes by Steveo surfboards are made to last a lifetime; they look great on the wall as an art piece as well as fantastic on the water.

Not just art or a wall hanger, all boards are constructed and made to be used and enjoyed.

Each board is hand crafted and is a unique one of a kind. No two wood boards look the same - so you will never see your board under someone else!

Contact me today for a quote on having a wooden surfboard custom shaped for you.